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Aluminum Foil Tape With Non Conductive Adhesive Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape with non conductive adhesive reinforced aluminum foil tape is coated with acrylic adhesive on dead soft aluminum foil with different thicknesses.

Aluminum Foil Tape With Non Conductive Adhesive Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape

· General Description

Aluminum tape has many uses in the electrical, HVAC and construction industry. It can be used in the jobs requiring moisture and chemical resistant, thermal conductivity, flame resistant, heat and light reflectance, and weatherability. There are several different styles of tape avaiable. Including acrylic adhesive, line-less, polymer coated and flame resistant aluminum glass tape.

Foil tape with an acrylic adhesive is used for sealing off vapors in fiberglass duct board, sheet metal ducts and FSK systems, It is ideal for use in HVAC systems. Due to its high tack cold weather acrylic adhesive, which helps it to adhere well, even in periods of low temperature and high humidity. 

· Advantage

1. Good tensile strength,adhesive ability and steady chemical performance;

2. moisture resistant, oil&acid resistant, fireproof, water resistant with high thermal conductivity;

3. Available with release paper liner or without in single side;

4. Various thickness of backing material that meets different application requirement;

5. The width and length could be cut according to your request.