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Copper Conductive Adhesive Tape Electrical Shielding Tape Copper Foil Roll

Copper conductive adhesive tape electrical shielding tape copper foil roll is using conductive copper foil as backing material and coated with acrylic non-conductive adhesive.

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Copper foil tape is a kind of metal tape, which is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding, split signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding. The electrical signal shielding mainly relies on the excellent electrical conductivity of copper itself, while the magnetic shielding requires the rubber surface of copper foil tape. The conductive material "nickel" is used for magnetic shielding and is therefore widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers and other digital products. The general inspection performance of the most commonly used copper foil tape on the market is as follows: Material: CU 99.98%

Substrate thickness: 0.007mm-0.075mm

Adhesive thickness: 0.015mm~0.04mm

Colloidal composition: ordinary pressure sensitive adhesive (non-conductive) and conductive voltage gram pressure sensitive adhesive

Peeling force: 0.2~1.5kgf/25mm (180 degree reverse peeling force test)

Temperature resistance -10°C---120°C

Tensile strength 4.5~4.8kg/mm

Elongation 7% to 10% MIN

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