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Polyethylene PE Film

* Protective film * PE film backing (pet film backing available) * Low tack (medium, high tack available)


Polyethylene PE Film

* Protective film 
* PE film backing (pet film backing available) 
* Low tack (medium, high tack available) 


* High performance low tack surface protective film.

* Chemical resistant and stable adhesion, suitable for product surface protection

* It is widedly used in stainless steel, color steel plate, LCD indutry

* Prevent the product from damage, polluting, scratching, dust in transport and manufacturing process

* PE plastic film      

* PE polyethylene    

* ldpe plastic film    

* Polyethylene pe    

* Polythene film 



* LCD, back light module

* PMMA, PC, ABS, PVC plate

* Stainless steel, aluminum board, VCM