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Kapton Tape Silicone Masking Tape High Temperature Resistant Polyimide Tape For 3D Printing

Kapton tape silicone masking tape high temperature resistant polyimide tape for 3D printing is made of polyimide film backing and single side coated with high temperature silicone adhesive. It is ultra-thin substrate with good adhesion and high performance in clinging. It is high temperature resistant, high adhesion and has excellent insulating property. There is no adhesive residue after peeling. The material is RoHS Complied.

  1. What's polyimide tape?

Polyimide film as a substrate, coated on high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good shear resistance, excellent heat resistance ,excellent chemical stability ,radiation resistance,solvent resistance and easy for die-cutting.

2. Polyimide tape feature?

(1) Excellent electrical properties,no seepage tin and not residue.

(2) Special agent treatment, adhesion strength, tear after masking the surface without leaving traces.

(3) High insulation, high temperature, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance

3. Polyimide tape application?

(1) Suitable for solder protection,Phone lithium battery manufacturing strapping.

(2) High-grade electrical insulation protection and lithium battery positive and negative fixation.

(3) Suitable for printed circuit board (PCB), SMT tin stove, masking during wave soldering finger.

(4) Mainly used in paint,sealing, footwear, packaging fixed, construction and decoration industries.

(5) Widely used as the electronics industry in transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supply and other high temperature insulation winding