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sticky anti slip mat

  • 30 Layers Blue Sticky Door Dust Mats For Shoes Or Car

    30 Layers Blue Sticky Door Dust Mats For Shoes Or Car30 layers blue sticky door dust mats for shoes or car is made from high quality LDPE materials and water-based adhesive.Sticky mat is the fast,convenient,and most relialbe way to effectively capture and remove debris,dirt,particle from the shoe soles or the push-cart wheels before entering clean and sanitary environments.Sticky mat are widely used in the microelectronics,pharmaceutical,medical and food processing industries.Read More

  • Hospital Antibacterial Blue Sticky Mat

    Hospital Antibacterial Blue Sticky MatHospital antibacterial blue sticky matis are designed to remove the dust or unclean things from shoes or transport cars.Read More

  • PE Cleanroom Disposable Sticky Mats

    PE Cleanroom Disposable Sticky MatsPE cleanroom disposable sticky mats are made of medium tack no bubble PE adhesive films, several pieces of pe adhesive films laminated together.Read More

  • Peelable Walk Off Sticky Mats

    Peelable Walk Off Sticky MatsPeelable walk off sticky mats is produced using the most advanced technology for adhesive-coated contamination control mats. Formulated and developed to meet the stringent cleanroom particulate specifications. Used on entryways,walkways, traffic areas where particle contamination is to be controlled.Read More

  • Tacky Floor Mats

    Tacky Floor MatsTacky floor mats are comprised of 30 layers of adhesive-mat PE (polyethylene) film, Viscose film of sticky mat is synthesized in the latest chemical methods, which effectively removesdirt,dust from shoes, wheels of equipment and other things. Sticky mat can capture these dirt and dusts from shoes, wheels when pass over it before entering an area that requires minimal contamination.Read More

  • Anti-microbial Hospital Clean Room Floor Sticky Mats

    Anti-microbial Hospital Clean Room Floor Sticky MatsAnti-microbial Hospital Clean Room Floor Sticky Mats is made of high-quality low-density polyethylene materials and moistening adhesives through special process. There are always lables on the mat corner which is used to make the removing of the sticky piece easily.Read More