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Thermal Interface Pad Conductive Silicone Adhesive Pad For CPU

Thermal silicone adhesive pad for CPU is ,a little viscidity,insulation, is easy for GPU CPU VGA Bridge chips and other heatsink is easy to use and Good thermal conductivity.

Thermal Interface Pad Conductive Silicone Adhesive Pad For CPU     



Thermal Conductive silicone fiberglass sheet are specially designed for the purpose of high performance thermal conductivity. The material can conform to the irregular surface under moderate application pressures. The products are widely applied in electronic parts such as IC, CPU, LED, laptops, PC, DVD application and so on. It has also been used in memory modules, heat pipe assemblies, voltage regulators and automotive electronics. Fiberglass carrier can be added to the soft pads for improved mechanical strength and optional adhesive can also provide improved application performance.



* High compressibility, soft and flexible

* Natural stickiness, no extra surface frontal adhesives

* Good thermal conductivity, 

* Meet With RoHs standard

* High thermal conductivity

* High conformability to uneven surfaces at low stress application

* Electrical isolating Very cost effective

* Thermal interface pad

* Conductive silicone

* Thermal isolation pad

* Silicone thermal pad    

* Pad thermal

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