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PTFE Skived Film Tape For Heat Sealing

PTFE skived film tape for heat sealing is made of high quality fiberglass materials for fabric with silicone adhesive.

PTFE Skived Film Tape for Heat Sealing

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There are two kinds of Teflon adhesive tape: one kind has fiberglass as its basic fabric to increase its strength, another one is pure Teflon PTFE adhesive tape.

PTFE fiberglass fabric adhesive fabric mainly used in windows frame producing, packaging, sealing industries. 

Pure PTFE adhesive tape, (pure Teflon adhesive tape), features more flexible and it is insulating, it is mainly used in electrical industry.

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* Weather resistant

* Anti-aging

* High temperature resistance

* Smooth surface



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Self Adhesive Silicone Backed Teflon PTFE Tape (3).jpg
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