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double sided mylar tape for transformer and motor use

Insulation mylar polyester adhesive tape for transformer or battery is used in powder coating, plating and anodizing industry to mask areas that do not require coating or plating. It will remove cleanly without leaving an adhesive residue.

double sided mylar tape for transformer and motor use


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Insulation mylar polyester adhesive tape is used of polyester film as the substrate, the substrate coated with special imports of acrylic adhesive, mainly for transformers, motors, capacitors and other types Motor, electronic components of the insulating bandage and switching power supply circuit board and the shell between the high-voltage isolation. Also used for soft bag of the lithium battery bandage, such as in the protection board and the bandage between the batteries, then play a fixed and the role of fire insulation.


* Galvanization and soldering of PCB, to protecting the wire connecting parts and pcb components

* Can attached the connecting parts closely for excellent protection without movement

* Powder coating

* Transformers, motors,capacitors and other types motor, electronic components of the insulating

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